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Penang is a large and spacious Malaysian eatery in Chinatown, with an industrial cool interior. This spot has an open kitchen that serves dishes from the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Penang, like homemade Roti Canai (Indian pancakes), crispy pork intestines, and Kerabu (treated duck web in sweet & spicy Thai sauce)..

With several menu items boasting a “please ask your server’s advice before you order” warning, it’s clear this Malaysian eatery isn’t dumbing down its dishes. Adventurous diners begin with an appetite-whetting Penang rojak — a fruit salad served with pungent shrimp paste— and continue on to Indian stir-fried noodles and nasi lemak, aromatic coconut rice topped with chicken, anchovies, and eggs. .

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At our establishment you will find out that each of our customers is treated with respect and appreciated as well as welcomed.

Quality Foods

The chef makes sure that every dish tastes the same and that our quality remains the same after all cooking is our passion.

Cozy, spacious area!

We offer a large and spacious eatery when your will also find an industrial interior design which we find it cool and hope that you do too.

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Reservations are usually not recommend as it is first come first server but if you want to book in advance just send us an email with the specific our your party and we will try to reach back to you for your accomadation.

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Restaurant Menu

we cook our dishes from the freshest ingredients

Home Made Roti Canai (indian Pancake)


It's malaysian all time favorite, crispy style pancake & curry chicken with potato dipping sauce.

Roti Telur


A traditional indian pancake filled w. egg, onion. served w. curry chicken w. potato dipping sauce.



Shredded cucumber jicama & bean sprouts w. shrimp pancake, tofu, jelly fish sliced hard boiled eggs, & chef's special sauce.

Penang Rojak


Please ask server for advice before you order! penang famous fruit salad served w. shrimp paste sauce.

Penang Satay Chicken/beef*


Marinated chicken or beef on skewers, charcoal grilled to perfection served w. peanut sauce (malaysian specialities).

Squid W. Chinese Watercress


Please ask server for advice before you order!



Please ask server for advice before you order! treated duck web in sweet & spicy thai sauce.

Satay Tofu


Crispy fried tofu stuffed w. cucumber & bean sprouts, served w. peanut sauce..

Ipoh Bean Sprouts


Scald bean sprouts w. chef's special sauce.

Crispy Pork Intestines


Please ask server for advice before you order.

Penang Young Tofu


Eggplant, green pepper and tofu stuffed w. minced shrimp & fish meat, served in a clear chicken broth or curry soup.

Penang Poh Piah


Steamed malaysian spring roll stuffed with jicama, fried tofu, egg & bean sprouts.

Baby Oyster Omelette


Malaysian favorite pan fried baby oyster w. egg



Vegetable pickled in tumeric powder & spicy herbs w. sesame seeds

Penang Chicken Wing's


Marinated chicken wing's wrapped in screw-pine leaves & lightly fried

Spicy Crispy Squids


Fried squids tentacles in chef's special sauce

Shrimp Puff


Deep fried minced shrimp wrapped with bacon

Penang Lobak.


Crispy fried spiced pork roll, fried tofu & fried shrimp pancake, served with two sauces, hoisin plum and chili.

Phoenix Shrimp


Deep fried shrimp with taro

Vegetable Spring Roll


Fried rolls stuffed w. cabbage, celery, carrot, mushroom, bean thread & sesame.

Chow Kueh Teow


malaysian famous stir fried flat rice noodles with fresh shrimp, squid, bean sprouts, eggs, soy sauce and chili past

Hokkien Char Mee


thick yellow noodles cooked in heavily flavored soy sauce with pork, shrimp, squid & vegetables

Indian Mee Goreng


indian style stir-fried egg noodles in an authentic mild dried squid sauce with tofu, potatoes, shrimp, egg, grounded peanut, & bean sprouts

Singapore Rice Noodles


singapore style stir-fried rice noodles in special mild sauce with shrimp, bean sprout, egg and chinese cabbage

Beef Chow Fun


stir-fried flat noodles in a special sauce with beef, scallion, bean sprouts & egg

Cantonese Chow Fun


pan-fried flat noodles on brown sauce topped with pork. shrimp, squid & vegetables

Seafood Scramble Egg Chow Fun


pan fried flat noodles on light brown egg sauce topped with seafood & vegetable

Fried Pearl Noodle


stir-fried noodles in a special sauce with shrimp, pork, egg, scallion & bean sprouts

Fried Rice Noodles With Salted Fish


stir-fried rice noodles with salted fish, chicken, vegetable & bean sprouts

Mee Siam


stir-fried rice vermicelli with tofu, shrimp & bean sprout in spicy thai chili sauce, sprinkle with grounded peanut sliced hard boiled eggs on top

Seafood With Crispy Noodle


pan-fried crispy egg noodle on a light brown egg sauce with shrimp, scallop, squid & vegetables

Triple Slice Veg. With Noodle


homemade egg noodles with carrot, egg shrimp, bean sprouts & scallion with the chef's special sauce

Seafood Lo Mein


thin egg noodles cooked in heavily flavored egg sauce with scallop shrimp, squid, straw mushrooms and mixed vegs

Penang Pad Thai


chef's special stir fried thin flat rice noodle with shrimp, egg, squid, tofu, bean sprout & grounded peanuts

Thai Basil Noodle


flat noodle with shrimp, chicken, onion, chinese broccoli, chili, bean sprout & basil leaves

Prawn Mee


penang's favorite egg noodles, shredded pork, shrimp, vegetable, bean sprouts in a spicy shrimp broth

Asam Laksa


spicy & sour rice noodles served in chef's special lemon grass broth with fish flakes

Kueh Teow Thong


flat noodles with shredded chicken & shrimp in chicken broth

Clay Pot Pearl Noodles Soup


pearl noodles with minced shrimp, pork and egg in a clay pot

Chicken Feet


with mushrooms

Ginger Duck Noodles


special egg noodles served in home made soy sauce with ginger & duck meat

Java Mee


egg noodles served in sweet & spicy dried squid gravy with shrimp, shrimp pancake, potatoes & egg

Wonton Mee


special egg noodles served with wonton with shrimp & pork in homemade sauce or chicken broth

Fish Head Soup


with rice noodles

Seafood Tomyam Rice Noodles


rice noodle served in spicy & sour lemon grass broth with seafood & straw mushrooms

Curry Mee With Young Tau Foo


noodles served in a spicy lemon grass coconut curry with vegs, & tofu stuffed with minced shrimp & fish meat

Clay Pot Noodles


home style noodles with vegetables, pork, egg, shrimp & squid served in a clay pot

Beef Tripe Noodle


stewed beef tripe in thin noodles soup

Spare Ribs With Noodle Soup


special egg noodles served with spare ribs, in house sauce and chicken broth

Seafood Lo Mein Soup


special thick yellow noodles covered in heavily flavored egg sauce with shrimp, squid, scallop, straw mushrooms and mixed vegetables in soup

Chicken Feet


with chinese mushroom. please ask server for advice before you order

Curry Mixed Vegetable In Clay Pot


mixed veg. served in a clay pot with spicy curry broth

Curry Beef Tripe Casserole


Seafood Combination Casserole


Penang Curry Fish Head


please ask server for advice before you order

Penang Assam Fish Head


please ask server for advice before you order

Indian Style Curry Fish Head


please ask server for advice before you order

Tomyam Fish Head


please ask server for advice before you order. fresh fish head cooked with lemon grass broth & thai sauce

Green Curry Seafood In Clay Pot


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Green Curry Chicken In Clay Pot


house special green curry cooked with lemon grass, spiced chili with chicken and mixed vegetable in clay pot

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